Sounds and chocolate: exalt your tasting with music

Dec. 2020

Tasting dark chocolate is an extraordinary experience. We have taken this statement with each tablet to your table, product of the transformation of cacao fruits that preserve flavors and aromas representing the tradition of our country. But there are ways to exalt a tasting and it is accompanying it with music.


Why add different harmonious notes? According to the experimental psychologist Charles Spence, in his study "Sound: The forgotten flavor sense", the ear can transform the way flavors are perceived depending on the perception frequencies of the waves.


Likewise, Miguel Ángel Lurueña, food technologist, commented that "eating chocolate while listening to high sounds will taste sweeter, while if they are low they will taste more bitter", explaining that this happens because through the ear "passes one of the nerves that go from the tongue to the brain".


After reading this, do you dare to do your tastings with background music? I think we would do it with some classical music or maybe jazz if we go into a more modern mood.