Franceschi Chocolate won 6 awards in the "Academy of Chocolate" contest

Dec. 2020

This December 2020, the Academy of Chocolate gave five awards to our Franceschi Chocolate, in the category of Tree to Bar. Canoabo Chuao 85% received a silver accreditation, Cuyagua 72% and Rio Caribe 70% received a bronze accreditation, while Canoabo in its 70% and 80% concentrations, along with Choroni 70% received a commended accreditation.


The annual international contest, which dates back to 2005 on the European continent, took place during eight weeks in the city of London, England, where a panel of expert chocolate makers, producers, journalists, bloggers and culinary writers, among other representatives of the chocolate industry, tasted the participating products for eight weeks.


Likewise, the Chocolate Academy awards seek to "identify, recognize and showcase the most talented producers and the finest chocolates in the world," according to the organization's website.


We are very proud to bring single origin dark chocolate made with Venezuelan cocoa to international platforms, creating extraordinary experiences with the flavor of our home: Venezuela.