Geography Franceschi

Dec. 2020

Each one of our tablets has a representative name from different parts of Venezuela.  But not only that, it also carries the flavors and scents of the cacao produced in each one of them.


Rio Caribe, Sur del Lago and Carenero is the triad of bars that gives life to the Dark line, characterized by a concentration of 60% of Trinitarian cacao.

A blue pack, 60 gram presentation, two dark chocolate tablets that evoke notes of red, dehydrated fruits, the sweetness of caramel or the sobriety of wood, these are the characteristics of Rio Caribe.  Its name goes back to Paria, Sucre State, where you can find a town with the same name and years of history.


On the other hand, Sur del Lago invites you to travel to the other end of the country, in the west, south of the Maracaibo Lake in the state of Zulia, where the cocao fruits are transformed into bars that evoke notes of toasted nuts, spices, coffee and honey to give an aromatic balance.


From Barlovento, Miranda State, the Trinitarian cacao that is carefully processed with the house's technique, carries the name of Carenero. When tasting these tablets, you will perceive notes of banana, passion fruit, panela.


Finally, the Dark line is perfect to initiate the palate in the world of dark chocolate of origin. Which would you like to try first?