Famous chocolatelovers

Dec. 2020

"Chocolate" ... that's the name of many people's favorite food around the world and how can you deny it? Its flavors, aromas and the nutrients that dark chocolate provides are very diverse. But, have you ever wondered which famous people are chocolatelovers? Here we have some.


Marie Antoinette, the Queen Consort of France, knew very well the properties of chocolate, drinking cups in the morning, at night or while enjoying her baths.  But continuing on the European continent, Napoleon Bonaparte, also has stories with this culinary passion: they say he ate chocolate while planning military strategies. But he is not the only royal figure we could consider a chocolate lover: nowadays, even Philip of Belgium, the king of the Belgians since 2013, has expressed that he loves to eat it!


Next, there are also personalities from the film industry who have "confessed" being crazy about this delicacy such as John Travolta, Audrey Hepburn, Eva Longoria, and Debi Mazar who eats 75% dark chocolate because she considers it the healthiest.