Our Story

Ours is an unparalleled story that begins almost 200 years ago, in 1827, when Vicente Franceschi Vicentelli arrived to Venezuela in search of his passion and, thus, began working with cacao. It reached a turning point when the sixth generation of the family decided to work on something new: to seek the scents and flavors behind those exceptional cacaos, to turn them into extraordinary chocolate, and to deliver joy along with them.

Considered as one of the most important cacao facilities in the country, Hacienda San José was founded in the little town of “El Pilar”, in Sucre State, Paria Region, close to “Carúpano” township, a few years after the arrival of the first Franceschi’s to Venezuela. In this roundish mark is where lies the best Criollo cacaos in the world –of unique purity- thanks to the intensive research work developed by the fifth generation of the family in the early 90’s.

By 2009 ‘Franceschi Chocolate,’ is born under the leadership of the sixth generation of the family, leaving aside the small-scale cacao handling, in pursuit of the innovation of their own processing center with a skillful staff engaged to achieve the adequate perception of distinctive characters of each cacao.