Chocolate and arepa: A very Venezuelan combination

Aug. 2020

Both chocolate and arepa are two great representatives of Venezuelan gastronomic culture, so why not combine them? Imagine a delicious arepa made with Franceschi Chocolate in pieces served with yogurt, nuts or cream cheese, it makes your mouth water, right? Get the recipe below:


 (For 4 servings)




● 50 g Franceschi Chocolate in pieces

● 50 ml of milk

● 1 cup of water

● ½ cup cornmeal

● 1 teaspoon cinnamon powder

● 1 teaspoon vanilla

● ¼ of teaspoon salt





1.     In a small pot heat the milk, pour it over the chocolate and settle until all the chocolate melts and it is a uniform mixture. Add the water and unify.

2.     Add the corn flour, cinnamon, vanilla and salt.

3.     Place the corn flour and dry ingredients in a bowl and knead until you get a soft and manageable dough. 

4.     Form the flat, rounded arepas and place them on a non-stick plate.

5.     Brown them well on both sides.

6.     Serve with fruit, Greek yoghurt, nuts, cream cheese, jam, honey and of course Nutella Fit.


You can see the video of the preparation right here: